No More Champage-Churchill and his money

There have been plenty of books published about Winston Churchill but this one by by David Lough covers a whole new area – his money. Lough is a former banker and uses his skills to follow the trails of the great man’s efforts to make money – and even more importantly to shelter it from the Inland Revenue. Churchill spent enormous amounts of



money -on wine , cigars and gambling as well as more conventional household expenses – before the First World War he was spending £5,000 a year and the need to earn money accounted for his extraordinary literary output.

In later years his biggest problem was taxation and the need to avoid at ( at some points it was 97%) which involved him in some remarkably complicated manoeuvres and more or less outright deception.

He came very close to ruin on a number of occasions, particularly after losing huge amounts gambling on US shares in the late 1930s when he was rescued by Sir Henry Strakosch, without which he may well have gone bankrupt and lost his seat – and the history of the world would be very different.

Anyone interested in 20th Century politics, of the life of Churchill will enjoy this book.
To order the book from Amazon please click here No More Champagne: Churchill and his Money

Author: Simon McGrath

I am a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dundonald Ward in Merton, Secretary of the London Lib Dems and the English Party rep on the Federal Board. You can contact me at :

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